Sunday, September 26, 2021

markers ropes and nets

 A collection of nets markers and ropes on Gorey Pier

Odd Jobs Prop

 The rudder and propeller of the Cruiser Odd Job on Gorey pier last winter

Beach walker

After a storm this fellow was out for a morning walk, and no amount of seaweed was going to put him off

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Occupation Gun emplacement and Wcoastal watchtower Gronez

This coastal gun empladement and watch/control tower was built on the coast at Gronez

Gronez Castle Ruins

 Gronez is a ruined castle from the 14th century, on the Gronez headland in St ouens and was held by Phillipe de Carteret, against the French when they held half of Jersey, possibly as a shelter for the farmers and people from that side of the Island, between 1461 and 1467, it was built by Sir john de Roches in 1330, at the start of the 100 years war as a place of refuge for the locals from French attacks

Pinacle Rock Gronez

 Pinnacle Rock at Gronez is an impressive site, and has been a site of great interest from the Neolithic timje, many arrtifacts from tha time have been found 

Cormarant rock

This rock at Noirment is quiye a site during Summer with a huge number of sarbirds, both summer visitors and residents