Friday, January 29, 2021

Last film of 2020 7

These chairs are normally at the Cafe de Port, normally busy with walkers, fisherman, but today they were at the end of the pier, taken there for a couple to sit on?, no one cared, the cafe, along with all hospitality, and all non food shops have been closed since Christmas eve

last film og 2020 6

At last a peaceful, different still life, the mooring ring on the lower stage of Gorey harbour

last film of 2020 5

 This sums up Jersey,s miserable Covid year, even on a cold day in  mid winter you would see people walkin,talking, walking dogs in large numbers on this beach, but not this year, this was the only 2 people I could see for miles

Last film of 2020 4

 These dinghy's have had very little use this year if the boats are not used for a French weekend then the Dinghy's are not needed

Last film of 2020, taken on 31st December

So sad so Lonely, 2020 a year to forget

last film of 2020 3

The slipway and the beach beyond almost sums up 2020,deserted beaches, not even a dog walker, 

Last film of 2020 2

 These 2 boats have hardly left their moorings this year, normally the owners would sped summer weekends in France, just 12 miles away, but off limits this year, son near yet so far